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Psychological Benefits — 2

There are more psychological benefits of practicing martial arts. Last month, we discussed increases in self-confidence, staying calm, and a decrease in anger and anxiety.

Research has shown traditional martial arts training to have a beneficial effect on children who originally had significant problems in school. After training in martial arts, these children showed a decrease in impulsive behavior and aggression toward others.

The major reason for these psychological benefits appears to be that children learn more self-regulation. This is a highly desirable characteristic that allows people of all ages attend to their behavior, evaluate whether what they’re doing is the right thing, and make changes as necessary. it is closely related to self-discipline, but goes further than this, also.

Mental relaxation or calmness is another of the psychological benefits of martial arts training. The focus required by those practicing martial arts contributes to this mental calmness. Once you learn the techniques of martial arts and find you’re improving, you gain a sense of self-esteem that also contributes to mental calmness.

The ability to focus and the self-discipline required to continue practicing martial arts will bring a feeling of greater autonomy or the ability to determine your course in life. This is one of the very positive psychological benefits of this training.

You’ll feel a decrease in anxiety and depression as you continue training in the martial arts. This decrease comes as a result of the physical activity as well as the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with continual improvement.

The feeling of acceptance, the expectation of continual striving to become better, and the positive reinforcement from instructors and fellow students all lead to increased positive feelings about yourself. Learning you can do what is needed to attain the goals set for your performance leads to great psychological benefits.

You can get these benefits and many others from Warrior Martial Arts Academy. It is a great place to learn and enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of martial arts training. Call today to get started — 972-334-0213.

Psychological Benefits of Martial Arts

The psychological benefits of martial arts training are often overlooked. Most people would agree this kind of physical training is excellent for developing good physical health. Most would also agree it’s outstanding for developing the ability to deal with physical threats.

But not everyone is aware of the psychological benefits of martial arts training.

There isn’t a lot of independent research on these benefits like there is on the physical benefits of martial arts training. But these benefits are there. And those who engage in this kind of training quickly come to understand the psychological benefits.

One easy to see and understand psychological benefit of martial arts training is a great increase in self-confidence. The overall atmosphere in America today is one of threat. Muggings, beatings, the “knockout game”, and road rage make the headlines on what seems to be a daily basis. Learning how to protect yourself and your loved ones brings on a feeling of confidence that seeps into every aspect of your life.

Learning to remain calm in stressful situations is another psychological benefit. Staying calm, which is an outgrowth of the increase of self-confidence, helps you evaluate situations better and choose the best course of action.

One aspect that shows up over and over again is the fact that with more time spent practicing the movements involved in martial arts, your level of anger and anxiety decrease. Along with this, your feelings of independence and comfort in relying on yourself increases with an increase in practice.

A possible reason for the increase in psychological benefits of martial arts training may have to do with the emphasis in martial arts on self-control and self-knowledge. This is compared to the more common American sports with their emphasis on competition and winning. Certainly, winning is emphasized in martial arts as well, but not to the extent that winning is everything.

There are more psychological benefits of martial arts training that will be discussed in next month’s blog.

Kids Benefit From Martial Arts Training

When parents who have little knowledge of martial arts first consider enrolling their children in a dojo, or martial arts training facility, they have a lot of questions. This post and the ones to come will address some of those questions and help parents feel more comfortable about getting their kids started in the martial arts.

One of the goals parents often have for enrolling their kids in martial arts training is to help them develop self-discipline. Martial arts training is an excellent way to foster self-discipline. In fact, this is one of the central aspects of martial arts. This continual focus on self-discipline is seldom found in other activities for children. The emphasis placed on instant gratification today makes the learning of self-discipline harder for your children.

Increasing self-esteem is another central focus of parents who are considering enrolling their kids in martial arts training. This is also a consistent goal of martial arts training. Learning the forms, moves, and getting proficient in them promotes increased confidence in self and increased self-esteem.

Learning respect is a goal both of parents and the martial arts in general. Respect begins with the bow to the instructor at the start of every lesson. This respect is always required. Kids learn to respect those who are senior to them in any way.

Many parents today are also concerned about bullying. They want their children to be safe from bullies. Martial arts training will help your child learn self-defense moves, but more important, it teaches them to avoid confrontations. Resolving conflicts through non-violent means is emphasized. Also, as your child learns more about the martial arts, he or she becomes more confident. This confidence manifests itself in other places than the dojo. Feeling confident will keep your child from becoming the target of bullies. Most of the time, bullies seek out those who are less self-confident as their targets.

These are a few of the goals parents have for getting their kids into martial arts training. Why should you choose Warrior Martial Arts Academy for your child’s training?

Our system is high quality. We consistently place first, second, or third in every competition, even though we’re the smallest team in the top ten attending. We were recently recognized as the Best Martial Arts Classes in DFW.

Our instructors are trained in a variety of martial arts, allowing our students to be exposed to several styles of martial arts training. Altogether, we have over 100 years experience in the martial arts.

We also bring in quality outside instructors every two or three months to give a free seminar in their specialty area.

Also of great importance is the level of comfort parents can have regarding bringing their kids to our dojo. We strive to be family. To develop a safe place among friends and trusted mentors.

Warrior Martial Arts Academy strives to be the best place in the DFW area for you to bring your children for martial arts training. We understand your concerns and goals. We share them. Contact us today for more information or to enroll your child in martial arts training.

We’re in Frisco, Little Elm, and Plano. Go to our web site to get the phone numbers for each of these locations.

Warrior Martial Arts – Little Elm Student of the Month

kids karate little elm

Little Elm’s Warrior Martial Arts February Student of the Month: Mikael Q

Mikael is a perfect example of what it means to be a black belt leader.  Mikael leads by example and puts forth 100% in his training. He says he loves to train martial arts and believes the training has improved his self-discipline.  His favorite part about training is the application portion of sparring.  When asked about his goals, he was very absolute wanting to accomplish two things in his life:

1) He wants to become a martial arts instructor and

2) He wants to be the doctor who finds a cure for cancer.

He is a great student to have apart of our Warrior Martial Arts family and we are so proud of him. Congratulations little man, you are well on your way to becoming a great person.

Nathan Wiggs
Instructor, Little Elm Warrior Martial Arts Academy

Warrior Martial Arts – Frisco Student of the Month


kids karate frisco

Frisco’s Warrior Martial Arts February Student of the Month: Emma C

This amazing young lady is ‘A’ top student at school as well as consummate practitioner on the mat. Her amazing’ness even extends to a second language as she speaks both English and French. Emma enjoys helping as a student teacher-in-training with our Warriors 1 class. This gives her a feeling of giving back to the other students, one of which is her younger sister Hanna. Emma is by far one of the kindest and most respectful students at our academy. Although Emma has only been a student at WMA Frisco for 6 months, her technique is developing at a rapid pace. There is no doubt Emma will one day be an amazing black belt and become empowered to do what ever she wants in her life.

Meshel Bridges-Gill
Instructor, Frisco Warrior Marital Arts Academy

Warrior Martial Arts – Plano Student of the Month

kids martial arts frisco

Plano’s Warrior Martial Arts February Student of the Month: Josh B

Josh recently received his orange belt, this young man is on his way to greatness.  Josh has many interests including such things as faithfully watching the Walking Dead, Sci-Fi movies and having a good old fashion Nerf shoot out with his best buddies. Josh is an amazing young man with tons of potential and a big heart.

On weekends Josh spends his time giving to others.  The others I speak of are his furry four legged friends.  He Volunteers at a cat shelter called Feral Friends.  Josh has committed and devoted his time to ensure himself a place in the heart of people he is around and the ones he takes care of.  Congrats Josh well deserved.

Brandon Gill
Instructor Plano Warrior Martial Arts Academy

Texas Fit Chicks partners with Warrior Martial Arts

fitness bootcamp classes frisco

Warrior Martial Arts Academy and Texas Fit Chicks have collaborated to offer fitness boot camps exclusively for women. This is an empowering Program for Women. The program is designed to help participants maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. Classes are held in a positive environment to help women achieve sustainable fitness goals. These programs will be hosted at all three  Warrior Martial Arts Academy locations in Frisco, Plano and Little Elm. This program has become so popular, that a well-sought after instructor has joined the team in order to keep up with the demand from the local community. Above is a photo of this popular Instructor Aimee Storm, before and after becoming an Instructor.

Each class is head by an experienced Texas Fit Chicks certified instructor. A boot camp is four weeks long, with classes held three times a week. New members can join at any time without waiting for a new camp cycle to begin.

Body composition is assessed before and after each session, as well as providing free nutritionist-created meal plans. Warrior Martial Arts Academy instructor Donnie Hayhurst is enthusiastic for this partnership, saying, “This is an exciting new component of our continued commitment to fitness. We currently help over 600 students live healthy lives through martial arts, and it’s great that we’re able to expand the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition to a new audience.”

The Dallas A-List voted Texas Fit Chicks as the best boot camp in north Texas. The Texas Fit Chicks boot camps have over 3,000 women currently enrolled. To learn more about the Texas Fit Chicks program, visit www.texasfitchicks.com. Boot camp class times and information can be found on Warrior Martial Arts Academy’s website at www.warriormartialartsacademy.com.

Warrior Martial Arts Students of the Month – January

kids karate little elm


Nick Gill

martial arts for kids frisco

Congratulations to Nick Gill for achieving the honor of WMA student of the month!! Nick is 14 years old and attends 8th grade at Stafford Middle School. Nick has trained in Martial Arts since the age of six. He currently holds an Orange Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and holds an Advanced Brown Belt in our Mixed Martial Arts system. Nick is a respected leader among our students, parents and instructors at Warrior Martial Arts! Aside from his grappling abilities, Nick is an amazing boxer and has competed in Silver Gloves and many of our WMA Sparring Sessions. His caring and motivating personality has made him such an important part of our WMA Team, especially to our younger students. His hard work and BIG heart is what makes him a true Martial Artist!! Please read below some great comments we have received from other Warrior Martial Arts parents about Nick Gill. The next time you see Nick in class, please make sure you congratulate him on being student of the month.

– Pamela Cohen

Owner, Warrior Martial Arts Academy

At our 3 kids’ first tournament back in June or July, Bailey had a similar experience. She was fighting holding back tears because she was disappointed in herself after a match. Nick came up to her and gave her a motivating and encouraging speech which clearly helped her relate and accept the loss like a Warrior should, honorably and humbly. I thought it was so genuine, that someone who hadn’t known our kids for a long time would care enough to help pick them back up on their feet. So cheers to Nick… You’ve got mad STREET CRED and total brownie points in the Crawford Book. Thanks again for your mentorship to our kids.

– Cristina Garcia-Crawford, Warrior Parent


Little Elm

Dhruv Singh

brazilian jiu jitsu class little elm

Dhruv Singh is a sophomore at Lonestar High school in Frisco, Texas. He began training in the martial arts at the age of 8 years in a Tae Kwon Do class near his home. His reason for getting into the martial arts was exercise and fun. As time in training progressed and as he matured he stepped away from sport Tae Kwon Do and grew to favor the self-defense aspects and techniques specifically designed to save a person’s life. He admits, when he was young, martial arts helped him with this confidence, self-esteem, focus and self-discipline. Today he claims his success in public school education, home, and his social life all stem from the discipline and character development that started with his parents and his martial arts. To Dhruv martial arts is a way of life, not just another activity.

Dhruv joined Little Elm WMA this past July wanting to expand his knowledge to include ground fighting. He and his parents reviewed many schools throughout the area and selected Warrior as his new home. Since his arrival he has distinguished himself as a leader and a student instructor who positively inspires and kindly corrects the others. Dhruv became one of the founding students at the Little Elm WMA Certified Instructor Course that launched in October. This falls in line with his goals are to achieve black belt ranking and become a certified Warrior Martial Arts instructor. Currently he donates his spare time every week to the younger Warrior classes and assists Mr. Wiggs in teaching. Mr. Dhruv Singh is a valuable student member and we expect to see great things from him in the future. Congratulations Little Elm Student of the Month Dhruv Singh.

– Donnie Hayhurst & Nathan Wiggs

Instructors, Little Elm Warrior Martial Arts



Tate Brenner

kids martial arts little elm

Warrior Martial Arts Academy Plano is proud to name Hollywood Tate Brenner as the January student of the month. Tate is a 3rd grader at Trinity Christian Academy.

This young man has dedicated his life to giving to others. He is a member of Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Tate just went on his 4th mission in last month to Costa Rica where he will worked in a small village outside of San Jose. His contribution was to assist in building homes for the less fortunate.

Tate is always carrying a positive mental attitude and is an inspiration to all around him. This animal lover will tell you his best friends are his three furry little friends Buddy (his dog), Zack, and Bite (two gerbils).

As a student of the martial arts Tate’s is very open minded and receives instruction well. He never hesitates to ask the necessary questions to make sure his technique is correct. Tate is targeted to be an orange belt soon and is well on his way to becoming a future WMA Black Belt. So we at Warrior would like to say congrats to this young up and coming warrior.

– Brandon Gill

Chief Instructor, Plano Warrior Martial Arts

Warrior Martial Arts Students of the Month – December

karate school frisco


Gavin Woodward

karate for kids frisco

Age: 7

Grade: 2nd

School: Bledsoe Elementary School, Frisco, TX

Warrior MA Frisco is proud to name Gavin Woodward as our student of the month! Gavin is 7 years old and attends 2nd grade at Bledsoe Elementary School. He is a red belt in our WMA ranking system as well as a grey/white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Gavin has an amazing ground game which has awarded him with countless gold metals this year. He is a vital part of our competition team, always performing very well with a smile on his face the entire time!!

All of our Warrior MA instructors are proud to have him as a student. His hard work and dedication in class and completion makes him a true champion. Gavin will one day be an excellent man and a great martial artist.

– Meshel Gill

Instructor at Frisco WMA


Little Elm

Spencer Olson

martial arts school for kids little elm

Age: 12

Grade: 7th

School: Stafford Middle School, Frisco, TX

Spencer is one of our highest ranked colored belts here at Little Elm Warrior Martial Arts Academy. He has distinguished himself not only on the mat but in the youth academic world and is destined to be a man who creates his own destiny. Spencer credits his martial arts training has affected his life in many facets. He has become more active in daily life, exercising greater patience with others, improved his self-control of his feelings and thoughts, and has greater confidence in both small and large tasks.

Spencer is no slouch when it comes to his school’s academics. He has set himself up for success scoring 99% in the fields of Science and Reading during the 5th and 6th grades. This uniquely qualified him to become a candidate for the Duke Talent Investigation Program (DTIP).  Spencer was put up by his teacher into a competition pool of the top 300 students in the state. Of those Duke University selected 3% and Spencer was solidly among those chosen to partake in the program.

The on-mat performance and academic accomplishments of Spencer Olsen led his instructors to make him the first inductee into the LE Certified Instructor Training Program, which launched this past October. We, the instructors here at the LE academy, look forward to Spencer learning how to become a future instructor and assisting in the grooming and mentorship of our future Warriors.

His message to other kids about his training at Warrior Martial Arts is that training here will be the greatest experience of their life.

– Nathan Wiggs

Instructor at Little Elm WMA



Aidan Beckham

martial arts school for kids frisco

Age: 10

Grade: 4th

School: Centennial Elementary, Plano, TX

Plano Warrior Martial Arts is proud to announce Aidan Beckham is Plano student of the month for December. Aidan is 4th grader at Centennial Elementary Aidan is a very bright student. In addition to studying the martial arts at Plano WMA, he has a passion for soccer and football. Aidan currently holds the rank of red advance belt and is working towards his black which should happen early next year. This young man has a bright future ahead of him.

– Brandon Gill

Instructor at Plano WMA

Warrior Martial Arts Students of the Month – November

karate school frisco

Frisco WMA

muay thai gym frisco

Warrior Martial Arts Frisco is proud to “crown” Bailey Crawford as November’s Student of the Month!! This sassy 10 year old is not only beautiful inside and out, she is a Beast!! Her dedication on the mat is highly impressive and inspiring to all of her competition teammates and coaches. Even with a broken arm Bailey attends her regular competition classes doing whatever modified drills she can. Aside from her own training Bailey assists in our Little Warrior’s class which her 4 year old brother attends. With 3 “martial artist” siblings the Crawford kids, on occasion, transform the upstairs playroom into their very own training facility with Ms. Bailey as the ring leader!!!

Bailey is currently in 4th grade and attends home school. In addition to martial arts this young lady enjoys horseback riding, painting on canvas and even writing poetry. Bailey is a true artist in all aspects of the word. She has the heart of a Warrior and the determination of a Champion!!

Plano WMA

martial arts for kids little elm

Warrior Martial Arts is proud to announce Defne and Deniz Gurun were jointly selected to be Plano students of the month. Defne 8 and Deniz 6 are students at Barksdale Elementary School. Both girls excel academically as well in their Martial art studies. It’s a challenge to describe them separately. Collectively they both are very hard working, smart, and a pleasure to have as students. Recently Defne attended WMA2 and had a great showing. She puts together strong combinations and kicks like a professional. Deniz aka Little Sister is an awesome grappler with a lot of skill. Lighting fast takedowns and a sneaky sleeve choke. Both the Warriors have earned a place in our hearts and it is our privilege to recognize them both as Plano Students of the Month.

Little Elm WMA

karate for kids little elm

The selection for ‘Student of the Month’ representing Little Elm WMA goes to Djuliana Dichev. Djuliana is referred to, by her instructors, as the perfect student. Her attention to following directions, focus, and applying herself to training tasks is executed with flawless performance and to a degree of great competency. Often she is utilized as the example in the class and highlighted as a leader who others want to follow.

Six year old Djuliana attends the first grade at Brent Elementary School and regularly scores perfect 100’s. Her endeavors extend beyond being a great school student and studying the martial arts but hobbies include reading many books to expand her mind and rounding out her physical abilities with swimming.

Because of Djuliana Dichev dedication to being a model student she has earned the right to be Little Elm’s WMA November Student of the Month. Congratulations!!