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Kids Karate and Insecurity

At Warrior Martial Arts, the skills needed to overcome insecurity with karate are taught to all ages. Our kids karate classes are offered to all kids and help kids with the need to develop these skills if they’re insecure.

Kids who are insecure find themselves targets for bullies. Bullies delight in picking out the weak and insecure among kids to focus their anger on. This kind of bullying behavior can be unmerciful and terrifying for insecure kids.

Kids karate classes at Warrior Martial Arts can teach even insecure kids the skills they need to stop being targets for bullies. Learning self-confidence and building self-esteem through kids’ karate classes will lead to better performance at school and home, also.

Kids who are quiet, shy, hesitant to try new things, and who don’t interact with teachers often are seen as weak. This sets them up to be bullied.

Fear of failure is one of the factors behind insecure kids. This fear may develop slowly from small, seemingly insignificant things that they don’t think they do well. Once kids get the idea they don’t do things well, feeling like a failure blooms quickly. This leads to not trying in order not to fail.

And thus is set in motion the process of becoming insecure.

Kids who are insecure often feel overwhelmed easily. it’s important to bring these kids to new things slowly, step by step. This is the process used in Warrior Martial Arts’ kids’ karate classes.

Skills they learn in kids’ karate classes at Warrior Martial Arts in Frisco help insecure kids face situations with confidence, building their courage to try new things, and developing the belief they can handle things they face.

In kids karate classes in Frisco, fighting skills are not the primary focus. Instead, these karate classes focus on developing strength of character that allows insecure kids to project the attitude, “I’m not a target.”

Feeling insecure leads kids to feel anxiety and stress. Kids’ karate classes help them develop the ability to fight stress and lead a more relaxed life. This leads to more self-confidence and higher self-esteem.

Nearly every kid has what it takes to learn karate skills. At Warrior Martial Arts in Frisco, the goal is to help every insecure kid learn what is needed to develop security. Kids karate classes are dedicated to nurturing every kid there.

When you’re ready to get your kids started in karate classes, remember Warrior Martial Arts Academy in Frisco, TX, is ready to provide the training. Call 972-334-0213 today to get started.

Congratulations to the July Students of the Month

kids karate little elm

We selected one student from each location to be our Warrior Martial Arts Academy Student of the Month. They were chosen for their outstanding martial arts skills and exhibiting the attitude of a champion on and off the mat. Read about these three Warriors below.

Warrior Martial Arts in Little Elm

brazilian jiu jitsu classes little elm

Caleb Sexton has been awarded Student of the Month because he has demonstrated a wonderful positive attitude in everything he does. His smile inspires others to have fun and enjoy each lesson at Warrior Martial Arts. His martial arts technique has improved tremendously since he earned his yellow belt. Caleb is a leader and an example to all his fellow teammates at Warrior Martial Arts.


Warrior Martial Arts in Plano

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Maanvi Bhatnagar is one of our toughest upcoming Warriors at Warrior Martial Arts. With lighting fast foot work and a long hard jab she is on her way to becoming a Black Belt leader. She is one of the toughest girls in Plano that I have had the pleasure of sharing the mat with. With her dedication and hard work on and off the mat, Maanvi has a bright future as a strong martial artist.

Mr. Gill

Warrior Martial Arts in Frisco

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Congratulations to Hudson Chandler for being our Student of the Month in Frisco. Hudson is on our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition team. Hudson Chandler is going into first grade at Pink Elementary. He is one of our youngest BJJ competitors and by far one of the toughest. Hudson most recently won a first place in the Gi and No Gi division at NAGA in Norman, Oklahoma. Although Hudson is talented, it is his hard work and dedication that make him a true Warrior.

Mrs. Gill

November 2nd – Free Anti-Bully Clinic

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Students ages 4 to 15 years old can get their kicks at a free anti-bullying martial arts course on November 2nd at 1:00 pm. This class will teach both basic self-defense techniques and the importance of leadership, discipline, confidence and respect. Pamela Cohen, bullying prevention advocate and head instructor of Warrior Martial Arts, offers the course. Pamela has taught similar anti-bullying lessons throughout Frisco ISD schools including Pink Elementary, Nichols Elementary and Purefoy Elementary.

“Warrior Martial Arts provides an outstanding program that teaches students to be confident and self-assured individuals,” says Pink Elementary Principal Bethany Rowan. “The approach used helps students to develop the necessary skill to tackle the challenges of today’s youth.”

If a child exhibits some of the following signs, it’s possible they’re being bullied:

Coming home from school late
Students may take longer routes home or skip the bus to avoid bullies.

Frequently claim after-school activities were cancelled
If a child stops attending what used to be their favorite activity, bullies may be keeping them away.

Becoming upset after receiving text-messages or going online
Even after the school day ends, older kids may face cyber-bullying.

This free class will be held at Warrior Martial Art’s new Frisco locations at 8822 Teel Parkway, Suite #400, Frisco, Texas. The other recently opened Little Elm location for Warrior Martial Arts at 2833 Eldorado Parkway will hold its regularly scheduled classes on November 2nd. For more information call (972) 334-0213.