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It’s easy to see the benefits of martial arts training for your physical body, but less so for your mind. But the benefits for your mind are at least equal to those for your body.

When considering martial arts training, both your body and your mind are constantly challenged. You must practice the physical parts of learning martial arts until they become automatic. But in order to do so, your mind must be focused. You learn to pay attention and stay focused on what needs to be done for longer and longer periods of time.

All forms of martial arts share this belief: The mind and body are interwoven so tightly that they can’t be separated. Your moods and emotions affect how your body feels and performs. When your body is functioning at its best, your moods and emotions are improved.

Martial arts training increases performance in both mind and body. The confidence you develop as you learn the physical aspects of your training improves your ability to think clearly and maintain focus on what you need to do.

All of this affects your daily life and work, as well. These skills you learn in your martial arts training improves your work and school life.

The connection between mind and body that has been a focus of martial arts training for years is now backed up by science. More and more, scientists and physicians are finding the power of the mind as it is strengthened by this kind of training will bring benefits to your physical being. And the reverse is also true. Improving your physical self brings significant benefits to your mental and emotional self.

Learning to be calm in the face of stressful situations is one benefit to your mind that comes from martial arts training. Learning to be patient, to stay in the now, to be alert and focused also come from this training. These skills bring about a calm optimism that spreads throughout your daily situations.

With martial arts training, you become something better than you were before. Others will notice. But most importantly, you will notice.

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