Kids Martial Arts Classes

Kids Martial Arts

Get your child excited about learning important life skills and staying fit by joining our Kids Martial Arts program. Our multiple class times throughout the week can fit any schedule. Students will learn basic self-defense, striking and ground defense skills. This is a great way to promote a healthy, active lifestyle for your child.

The benefits of our Kids Martial Arts classes reach beyond the mat. Children involved in sports can improve their athletic abilities through our program. Many parents also find that our martial arts classes help their children develop essential social skills. Our students are taught in an environment emphasizing cooperation and teamwork, but are given the opportunity to achieve as individuals through belt testing, participation in tournaments and more.

Warrior Martial Arts also shows kids that physical fitness and fun aren’t mutually exclusive. Regardless of what level of ability each child starts with, our instructors guide each student to achieve their highest potential. Our goal is to help children develop healthy habits that stick with them for years to come.

Students in this program learn much more than martial arts techniques. Our curriculum based in leadership, discipline, confidence and respect fosters a sense of responsibility in our students. Additionally, our Bully Defense lessons give our Warrior Martial Arts kids practical skills for dealing with bullying situations.

Winning Warrior Program

Warrior Martial Arts Academy teaches children practical ways of applying the values of leadership, discipline, confidence and respect both on and off the mat. Our Winning Warrior program celebrates our students responsible accomplishments. It’s an easy way to help kids achieve their full potential at home, in school and with their family.

Parents use the Winning Warrior Chart to track their child’s positive actions such as finishing their homework. This helps their son or daughter keep track of the progress they’re making towards their goals. Once a student accomplishes enough tasks on the Winning Warrior chart, our instructors reward them with a special blue stripe on their belt. Kids also learn important lessons about accountability, as their parents must sign this chart before it’s turned in.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Kids Martial Arts or our Winning Warrior program, contact us today. One of our instructors will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Winning Warrior Chart