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  • Blow Off Some Steam with Our Kickboxing

    Ready to destress?
    Get fit, burn tons of calories, and combine basic self-defense skills with a high-energy workout. Our classes are focused on Muay Thai Kickboxing, which is an effective and refined martial art that makes extensive use of elbow and knee strikes in addition to the standard punches and kicks. Whether you're hoping to learn real-world combat skills or just get an incredible workout, our Kickboxing classes are open to everyone.
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  • Kids Love Our Brazilian Martial Arts!

    Give your child a safe, structured environment where they can learn anti-bullying strategies and the fundamentals of self-defense. We prioritize safety, offering professional supervision from instructors who genuinely care. Not only will your child learn the basic concepts of Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but they'll also build confidence, learn discipline, and learn how to set and achieve big goals!
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  • Warrior Martial Arts is the Place for You!

    Warrior Martial Arts Academy is proud to deliver authentic MMA training to the greater Dallas area. We have five convenient locations, and decades of experience in Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Kickboxing.

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  • Kickboxing can improve your power AND agility!

    Kickboxing can improve your power AND agility!

    To get better balance, power and agility, kickboxing is king among workouts. Experts who have studied the sport say nearly everyone—even older people who might shy away from such things—can benefit from throwing a punch. Unlike most other types of exercise, kickboxing emphasizes powerful movements. Power is different from strength, and for older adults, it’s an even better predictor of mobility and their risk for falls, says Kurt Jackson, an associate professor of neurology and rehab science at the University of Dayton in Ohio. “Pure strength is what a weightlifter uses, but producing power is about both force and speed,” he says. Kickboxing training tends ....

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  • Great turnout for our Adult / Teen Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors!

    Great turnout for our Adult / Teen Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors!

    Time to give a shout-out to the Adults and Teens training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing across all of our Warrior Martial Arts Academies! We had a huge showing for the very highly-regarded Jiu Jitsu World League tournament recently. Not only our students but also our Coaches are competing as well in local tournaments as well as International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation tournaments. We even have Coaches competing in professional Jiu Jitsu tournaments. Our affiliation with Checkmat and the world-class Adult and Teen training that comes with it has really supercharged our program. We're lucky to have World Champion and Pan Am Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors here and ready to ....

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  • First Muay Thai Kickboxing Tournament was AMAZING!!

    First Muay Thai Kickboxing Tournament was AMAZING!!

    Warrior Martial Arts Academy's Muay Thai Kickboxing Fight Team had its first tournament on Saturday, November 2nd at the Arlington Convention Center. Our United States Muaythai Federation-affiliated Fight Team trains above and beyond regular classes. It ads evening Training Camp / Sparring Sessions and Saturday afternoon tournament-specific technique training. Our team ranges in age from 7 years old through teens. We scored multiple victories in our bouts and most importantly, our students showed character, heart, dedication and sportsmanship. It was a great event, and we look forward to expanding the team in the future. In 2020, we will take our skills on the road to fight in other major ....

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  • About Being One of the Biggest and One of the Greatest!

    About Being One of the Biggest and One of the Greatest!

    Yes, Warrior Martial Arts Academy has one of the biggest Competition Teams in the DFW area. And yes, we win lots of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments. But friends, remember that we started small. Warrior Martial Arts Academies launched in 2013 and we grew our Competition Team to the scale it is today. Just a bit of history: our team started about as small as you can get. Our first Competition Team had two kids that we took to Oklahoma for our first tournament (see photo of Julian and Karson). We just went to fight. No team rash guards. No patches. Just these kids with heart and drive and fearless determination. On that day, EVERY team was bigger than ours, but it didn’t stop us. We ....

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  • Great Turnout for Warrior In-House Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament!!

    Great Turnout for Warrior In-House Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament!!

    We recently had our in-house Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament at our Warrior Martial Arts Academy West Frisco location. We hold this event for all of our Academies across the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex each year. The goal is to give some students that are not “formally” on our Competition Team a chance to test their BJJ skills against students from other locations. We run the event for ages 3 – 14. We organize the event by weight, age, size and ability. It is a submission-only event, with double elimination. A big “thank you” to all the instructors and parents that helped out and made this event successful! It was a great turnout this spring, and we look ....

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  • The Mixed Martial Arts workout of a LEGEND

    The Mixed Martial Arts workout of a LEGEND

    At Warrior Martial Arts Academy, we appreciate the legends of Mixed Martial Arts. These are the people who train, fight, sweat, win and lose but never quit. Bas Rutten is a GREAT example of the life-dedication to this sport that leaves us inspired. Mr. Rutten’s awesome recommended MMA workout was posted in Men’s Health. Check them out – get bigger, stronger and faster!! In the world of Mixed Martial Arts and Ultimate Fighting Championship, Bas Rutten is a bit of a legend. He traveled the globe and trained in Japan throughout the 1990’s. After retiring in 1999, he was inducted to the UFC Hall of Fame and continues to give back to the industry that made him a ....

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  • Yoga and Warrior Martial Arts classes part of new kind of PE curriculum for kids in Frisco ISD

    Yoga and Warrior Martial Arts classes part of new kind of PE curriculum for kids in Frisco ISD

    (Reprinted from Dallas Morning News) FRISCO — Soft piano music and dim lights set the mood in the kindergarten classroom. Kristina Cappe, a health and wellness coach at Frisco ISD’s Pink Elementary School, stands in front of 22 children, each sitting on their own pink mat. “Is everyone ready for yoga?” she asks. “We’re going to take our fingers and put them on our belly and we’re going to imagine our belly is a balloon.” Cappe leads the children in a few deep breaths, then guides them through some basic stretches. She shows the kindergarteners all the classic poses: mountain, warrior, downward dog, tree pose. When she has the kids arch ....

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