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Student of The Month

Congratulations to Ryan Jung for being Warrior Martial Arts February Student of the Month. Ryan Jung has been doing Martial Arts with us for many years. Ryan Jung is loyal, respectful, and most of all ambitious. When Ryan competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu he always places in his division! Not a day goes by where this young man does not give 100% to whatever he is doing. Ryan is not only dedicated to Martial Arts, he has been on the same soccer team since he was four years old and plays the oboe in his school’s band. There is not limit to the amount of success this young man will achieve with the support system behind him.


Results are in from NAGA World Championships Dallas 2016….

Congratulations to all the Lil’ Warriors who fought their hearts out a couple weeks ago!!!

Warrior Martial Arts Academy was kind enough to hire me on in Little Elm and Frisco locations May 2016.

I was pleased to see just how many young athletes were already training at WMAA and new right away this was going to be a good fit for me.

With TEAMWORK and ZERO EGOS we were able to achieve a goal that I’ve been chasing since 1st having my students compete at NAGA from NDBJJ. Closest NDBJJ/NDMMA came was 3rd place team placement with less than 10 children (forgot what year).

With this many kids and the support from our WARRIOR Parents, friends, Professors and Owners we were able to achieve our goal.

Proud of our students and coaches. Amazing job everyone.

Train With a Buddy Week


Bring a friend to any of our classes all week for free at both of our locations!


Back to School Bash

back to school

Come visit us at our free Back to School bash at either location. There will be lots of fun activities alon with a visit from one of our special friends a real Avenger.

Professor JD Shelley joins the Warrior Martial Arts Team

new instructor

Warrior Martial Arts is excited to announce that Professor JD Shelley will be joining the Warrior Martial Arts family in Frisco and in Little Elm. He will be working with both kids and adults. Professor Shelley has been training in Martial Arts for over 3 decades. He is a 3rd degree Black Belt under Robson Moura. JD is also a United States Marine Corps Veteran (Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Desert Saber), trainer of law enforcement and military personnel and trainer to numerous professional and amateur fighters. Warrior Martial Arts is thrilled that JD will be joining our team of great Martial Arts instructors.

10 Reasons Martial Arts Benefits Kids

In a culture that seems to glorify violence in everything from music to video games and television shows, the idea of enrolling your child in martial arts training classes doesn’t always seem like a good one. While martial arts-centered action films seem to be filled to the brim with violent behavior and gory injuries, you may be surprised to learn that martial arts’ training is actually very beneficial to kids. Like so many other things that Hollywood doesn’t always get right, martial arts isn’t quite the brutal, vicious pastime that it seems. In fact, these are 10 of the reasons why you may want to consider martial arts training for your kids.

  1. Fostering Self-Discipline – One of the central tenets of all forms of the martial arts is an absolute focus on self-discipline. Today’s kids are so accustomed to receiving instant gratification that lessons in self-restraint and discipline aren’t always easy to come by. Kids with a martial arts background, however, are continually reminded of how essential self-discipline is.
  2. Boosting Socialization Skills – Kids who don’t always thrive in highly social environments may find it easier to get to know people and make new friends when they’re in a room filled with peers who share a common interest. The kids on the playground may not always have much common ground, but devotees to the martial arts are able to get to know one another through shared pursuits. Partner-driven forms like jiu jitsu can also foster camaraderie, as they force kids to pair off and build their skills together.
  3. Encouraging Physical Activity – Limiting screen time is a great idea when it comes to getting kids off the couch and encouraging them to be more active, but it only goes so far. Enrolling an inactive child in such a physically demanding pastime not only discourages the sedentary lifestyle she’s used to, but also gives her an enjoyable activity that inspires her to keep moving.
  4. Learning to Set and Achieve Goals – Most forms of martial arts are based around an accomplishment system of colored belts that signify the wearer’s degree of skill. When your child strives toward each new belt, he’s learning valuable lessons about setting and reaching his goals.
  5. Increased Self-Esteem – Confidence comes with achievement, so your child’s self-esteem level will get a boost with every new move he masters and every belt he earns. Kids who struggle with a low sense of self-worth usually become more confident as time progresses while they’re enrolled in a martial arts class.
  6. Instilling a Sense of Respect – Learning any martial arts style will require your child to show her instructor unflinching respect. Today’s kid culture doesn’t always include respect for authority, adults or those in advanced positions. When she goes to her karate or tae kwon do class, though, your child will be learning lessons in respect along with new moves.
  7. Encouraging Non-Violent Conflict Resolution – Thinking that martial arts instruction promotes violent behavior is justified if your only experience with the activity comes from television or movies. In fact, many defensive styles teach kids peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution skills and emphasize the importance of avoiding a physical altercation.
  8. Improving Listening Skills – In order to master the skills she’s being taught and advance through the belt ranks, your child will have to exercise superior listening skills. Kids who aren’t always adept when it comes to paying attention to what they’re told can benefit from the verbal instruction and one-on-one work in her dojo.
  9. Developing Teamwork Skills – Whether he’s breaking boards to get a new belt or sparring in a practice setting to master a new maneuver, there are few things that your child does in his martial arts classes that will be done on his own. Working together to learn new things and accomplish goals is an important life lesson for kids to learn, and instruction in the martial arts can help your child learn that lesson.
  10. Improvement in Other Areas of Life – The benefits of martial arts training don’t end in the dojo. The boost in confidence, increased fitness level and new cooperation skills will also help your child navigate the academic and social aspects of school, affect his behavior at home and have an all-around good influence on him as he develops into an adult.

If you’re still concerned about encouraging violent tendencies or teaching your child to fight, it may be helpful to visit a few dojos/gyms in your area. Speak with the instructors, administrators and other parents to get an idea of how things operate, and hold off on forming a negative opinion of the martial arts until you’ve done a bit of exploratory research. You may even find that training is the perfect activity for your entire family to do together!


Credit to article to https://www.kenneymyers.com/blog/10-reasons-martial-arts-benefits-kids/

Kids Karate and Insecurity

At Warrior Martial Arts, the skills needed to overcome insecurity with karate are taught to all ages. Our kids karate classes are offered to all kids and help kids with the need to develop these skills if they’re insecure.

Kids who are insecure find themselves targets for bullies. Bullies delight in picking out the weak and insecure among kids to focus their anger on. This kind of bullying behavior can be unmerciful and terrifying for insecure kids.

Kids karate classes at Warrior Martial Arts can teach even insecure kids the skills they need to stop being targets for bullies. Learning self-confidence and building self-esteem through kids’ karate classes will lead to better performance at school and home, also.

Kids who are quiet, shy, hesitant to try new things, and who don’t interact with teachers often are seen as weak. This sets them up to be bullied.

Fear of failure is one of the factors behind insecure kids. This fear may develop slowly from small, seemingly insignificant things that they don’t think they do well. Once kids get the idea they don’t do things well, feeling like a failure blooms quickly. This leads to not trying in order not to fail.

And thus is set in motion the process of becoming insecure.

Kids who are insecure often feel overwhelmed easily. it’s important to bring these kids to new things slowly, step by step. This is the process used in Warrior Martial Arts’ kids’ karate classes.

Skills they learn in kids’ karate classes at Warrior Martial Arts in Frisco help insecure kids face situations with confidence, building their courage to try new things, and developing the belief they can handle things they face.

In kids karate classes in Frisco, fighting skills are not the primary focus. Instead, these karate classes focus on developing strength of character that allows insecure kids to project the attitude, “I’m not a target.”

Feeling insecure leads kids to feel anxiety and stress. Kids’ karate classes help them develop the ability to fight stress and lead a more relaxed life. This leads to more self-confidence and higher self-esteem.

Nearly every kid has what it takes to learn karate skills. At Warrior Martial Arts in Frisco, the goal is to help every insecure kid learn what is needed to develop security. Kids karate classes are dedicated to nurturing every kid there.

When you’re ready to get your kids started in karate classes, remember Warrior Martial Arts Academy in Frisco, TX, is ready to provide the training. Call 972-334-0213 today to get started.

Kids Karate Classes And Shyness

At Warrior Martial Arts, we hear parents ask about kids karate and shyness. Kids karate classes in Frisco, Texas, shyness can be addressed and overcome.

When the layman hears about martial arts training, little is thought about kids karate classes and shyness. Or about how karate for kids in Frisco might be of help in overcoming shyness. Rather, they first think about all the movies in which the hero is a martial arts expert who can put down every bad guy he or she runs across.

But kids karate classes emphasize self-betterment, building self-confidence, and in that way overcoming shyness. Kids karate and shyness are connected because kids karate classes work to develop the kids’ character. Building their character through self-confidence and setting and reaching goals is the best way to overcome shyness.

The instructors in kids karate classes in Frisco use gentle nudging to push their students out of their comfort zones, into a search for excellence. Building confidence through goal-setting is one of the methods used to defeat shyness.

Often, kids who are shy have been told or shown they’re not good enough to do whatever it is they set out to do. This may have only happened once, but was traumatic enough to so strongly affect them that they don’t want to even try again. Kids karate classes in Frisco will help these kids attempt things again, fail at times, then get back up and try again.

Even when these kids are so shy they hesitate to walk through the doors of the dojo, when they fear that everyone is looking at them, the instructors at Warrior Martial Arts will conduct the kids karate classes so these kids will succeed.

Shy kids in the kids karate classes in Frisco will learn they can succeed even when things get hard and their goals are high. And the drive developed in these karate classes will generalize to school and other parts of their lives, also. Parents often report their shy kids improve in their social skills and their academics when they’re enrolled in kids karate classes.

When you’re ready to get your kids started in karate classes, remember Warrior Martial Arts Academy in Frisco, TX, is ready to provide the training. Call 972-334-0213 today to get started.

Kids And Karate

Kids and karate lessons go together like bacon and eggs, except these lessons won’t cause cancer like bacon is now supposed to. Kids karate classes like those at the Warrior Martial Arts Academy in Frisco, Texas, are fun and help kids achieve fitness and the ability to focus.

A myth that has dogged kids and karate classes is that this kind of training will promote violence. The opposite seems to be true. Kids karate classes in Frisco teach confidence, focus, and the ability to defend oneself if needed. This actually decreases the chance of violence among most kids.

Kids and karate classes teach self-discipline and the ability to avoid confrontations that could lead to violence. A side benefit this kind of training brings is that of learning concentration. Parents of children diagnoses with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder often find their kids better able to attend in school and thus earn better grades than before.

Kids karate classes require the setting and reaching of goals. This begins when kids first step into the dojo and start the process of learning what they must to earn the belts and stripes that come with each new level.

Kids learn respect, as well. This comes from greeting the instructor with bows and staying still and waiting for the next command. Many times, this carries over into home and school as well.

Learning to focus is another benefit of kids and karate classes. In the beginning, instructors have the kids do only one thing at a time. This is the start of focusing. Staying with one task for as little as 30 seconds at a time, then gradually increasing their ability to focus for longer periods is one way martial arts training can help your kids.

One of the simple rules of kids and karate classes is for them to do what is asked the first time it is asked. Kids are not disciplined for not doing this, but they see all the others doing it, want to fit in, so they begin doing it also. Following directions is a necessary skill in many areas of life.

When you’re ready to get your kids started in karate classes, remember Warrior Martial Arts Academy in Frisco, TX, is ready to provide the training. Call 972-334-0213 today to get started.

Your Mind and Martial Arts

It’s easy to see the benefits of martial arts training for your physical body, but less so for your mind. But the benefits for your mind are at least equal to those for your body.

When considering martial arts training, both your body and your mind are constantly challenged. You must practice the physical parts of learning martial arts until they become automatic. But in order to do so, your mind must be focused. You learn to pay attention and stay focused on what needs to be done for longer and longer periods of time.

All forms of martial arts share this belief: The mind and body are interwoven so tightly that they can’t be separated. Your moods and emotions affect how your body feels and performs. When your body is functioning at its best, your moods and emotions are improved.

Martial arts training increases performance in both mind and body. The confidence you develop as you learn the physical aspects of your training improves your ability to think clearly and maintain focus on what you need to do.

All of this affects your daily life and work, as well. These skills you learn in your martial arts training improves your work and school life.

The connection between mind and body that has been a focus of martial arts training for years is now backed up by science. More and more, scientists and physicians are finding the power of the mind as it is strengthened by this kind of training will bring benefits to your physical being. And the reverse is also true. Improving your physical self brings significant benefits to your mental and emotional self.

Learning to be calm in the face of stressful situations is one benefit to your mind that comes from martial arts training. Learning to be patient, to stay in the now, to be alert and focused also come from this training. These skills bring about a calm optimism that spreads throughout your daily situations.

With martial arts training, you become something better than you were before. Others will notice. But most importantly, you will notice.

When you think about a positive atmosphere for martial arts training, Warrior Martial Arts Academy in Frisco, TX, should come to mind. Contact them today to begin your journey to get in the arena. Call 972-334-0213 to get started right away.