Little Elm Testimonials

Warrior Martial Arts Academy Little Elm
2833 Eldorado Parkway
Frisco, Texas
4.92 12 reviews

Greg N.


Our son has been a part of WMA for 2 years. After meeting with the instructors, we enrolled him as a way to help him with his behavior in school, which he struggles with. Mr. Gill has been a great help with that. When he learns of a bad day in school, he will call our son out on it in class. The treatment is stern, but never demeaning. He is reminded that being a part of WMA is an attitude not only in the gym, but at all times. Brandon has become a positive influence on our son. As we have moved up in the classes from Warrior 1 to 3, the expectation and discipline has increased. Whenever any student gets out of line, the behavior is corrected quickly and sternly. And, I always see Brandon before practice ends giving encouraging words to that same student. The workouts are always changing and adjusting so that you never feel like it’s the same thing every week. They are focused lessons that take full advantage of the class time. We are very pleased with WMA.

Davis S.


Brandon Gill is an excellent instructor.

Bill R.


I have spent 35+ years training in the martial arts, after a fifteen year layoff due to injury I was looking for a place to trnai for myself and my 15 yo sonn and found Warrior Martial Arts. We have had tremendous amount of fun training and found a true love for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Mr Brandon Gill who is a great coach, as well as the other instructors there.

Brian W.


My family and I have been with WMA for 5 months. I am a educater myself and I know first hand the challenges with teaching children. Mr. Gill is as good as it comes when teaching children. He knows how to make each child feel like superman and that they can accomplish anything. Getting children to reach deep down and give it their all is a specialty warrior. There is no other place we would rather be.



Coach Gill is one of the most motivating people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. It is truly refreshing to learn BJJ from such a committed instructor. His knowledge of JIu JITSU is rooted deep with a solid foundation of both the standing arts and as well as grappling. 5stars for WMA and 10 stars for being a family environment.

Joyce J.


After researching several different schools in the area for months, we decided to enroll our 7YO son in this one a few months ago and we are so glad we did. The instructors are top notch and really know what they’re doing and are so great with kids of all ages. My son has always been a good kid but to see how much he’s grown in just the few months that he has been there is amazing! He looks forward to going and advancing his skills and is most of all, having FUN! I highly recommend this school to anyone in the area!

Robin K.


We have both our kids enrolled here. We’ve been with other programs and Warrior is by far superior in it’s training. I would highly recommend it to parents who not only want their kids to learn in protecting themselves, but also to help with their confidence levels and discipline. Instructors there are amazing!!

Angela B.


We’ve been bringing our kids here for about a year and a half.  The instructors are great, the families are great, and I learn a thing or two just watching the kids.  Parents can attend the adult class for free, and I hope to do so soon.  I know that what my kids are learning will help them be more confident and well behaved children, and hope it sticks with them through their teen years.  Oh, and if I forgot to mention, the instructors are GREAT with kids!

Brandi A.


“My husband and I enrolled our 3 year old son and he is really growing both in coordination & discipline. We love the instructors! They really take time to praise the children for tasks they are accomplishing well and correct them constructively on those that need improvement. My son’s behavior has always been good, but now it has become great! He is saying yes sir and no sir more frequently and wants to help with chores. I give Warrior Martial Arts Academy 5 stars across the board!!”

Nathan W.


I’m a new instructor that had just joined the team. I’m excited to be here because of their wonderful program. I get to teach the best stand up and ground jiu-jitsu to a wonderful receptive bunch of kids and adults. My martial arts background consist of tae kwon do, kick boxing, boxing, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu. Looking forward to a great year.