Little Elm Reviews

Warrior Martial Arts Academy Little Elm
Frisco, Texas 75033


“I’ve been watching my son get trained. They’ve been patient and positive, yet strict enough that he has engaged. So I’ve tried now too and we are both “In.” Serious and dedicated are my initial views of everything I’ve seen.
” – Josh K. facebook-transparent-good

“My daughter has been training at WMA for the last 6 years and we love it! She is strong, confident, and a team player! We love her increased focus and leadership!” – Seraphia P. facebook-transparent-good

“Our family is involved in all the classes, and couldn’t love it more! Everyone is so amazing, and they show you HOW to do everything, not just throw you in a class and expect you to know what to do. The instructors are very hands on with every student, regardless of age, rank or ability. I feel like they truly want every student to be successful. I can tell each instructor is passionate about WMA, and not just running a business or collecting a check. They make us feel like we’re family!” – Michelle J. google reviews

“Absolutely amazing. This place is where you need to bring your children to learn many life skills, not just martial arts. I recommend it to everyone” – Chudeto B. google reviews

“When I first brought my son to Warrior Martial Arts (WMA), he was 5 years old and having some behavioral issues at home as well as at school. After enrolling him at WMA, I noticed a drastic change in his behavior. He had a greater respect for his elders and other authority figures at school and at home.. I’m very thankful for the WMA family and the support we get from both members and staff. He is 6 now and I look forward to seeing him progress throughout the summer and next year!” – Kevin C. facebook-transparent-good

“We came to Warrior Martial Arts Academy looking for a safe environment to introduce our 7 year old son to JuiJitsu. After a short period of time, we could tell that this was not going to just another sport for our son but a life long journey. The coaches and staff have a vested interest in seeing all of these kids succeed, not just on the mat, but in life. In addition to their training, the instructors want to know that kids are doing well at in everything they do off the mat. The instructors are all about teaching their students to push themselves to the point that they honestly earn a feeling of accomplishment. Being totally candid, this is not a place for ego, coddling, or participation awards. Any accolades (or belts) are hard earned. If you have ever wanted to see what its all about, I would recommend you come visit one of the gym locations to observe or even try a class out!” – Ryan K. google reviews

“We are happy to say that we have been part of the warrior family for over a year now. Warrior is extremely family oriented and encourage parents to get involved. My whole family trains there and we absolutely love it! The coaches are the best and genuinely take an active interest in their students. My two boys live to go to class!!” – Amber B. facebook-transparent-good

“What an awesome facility! The instructors at ALL locations are high level and truly care about the kids. And it’s not just for kids…the adult program is just as awesome. My daughter and I have been training here since last February and we love it so much!!” – Honey B. google reviews

“This place is great for the whole family. We started my son then a couple of cousins joined in and I’ve been to one class myself. Staff and atmosphere are great!” – David C. facebook-transparent-good

“My son has been attending Warrior for almost 1 year. His skills and confidence have increased tremendously! The coaches are GREAT with the kids. I highly recommend Warrior Martial Arts!” –         Jill E.google reviews