Bully Defense Classes Frisco & Little Elm

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Kids get inspired from our Bully Defense program! Bullying can cripple critical aspects of a child’s development. Both physical and verbal bullying can destroy a student’s grades, confidence, and desire to participate in extracurricular activities. Children today must learn the essential skill of dealing with bullies appropriately.

Warrior Martial Arts incorporates lessons on dealing with bullies throughout all of our classes. Students learn how to escape from grabs, chokeholds, and countless other situations. More importantly, we teach students what situations are appropriate to use these self-defense techniques.

Physical self-defense techniques are just one aspect of our anti-bullying program. Warrior Martial Arts students also learn to defuse bullying situations before situations escalate. We emphasize when they should avoid a bully, and ways of handling verbal abuse.

To find out more about our Bully Defense program, contact Warrior Martial Arts Academy today. One of our knowledgeable instructors will respond to your questions as soon as possible.