West Frisco Testimonials

Warrior Martial Arts Academy- West Frisco
8822 Teel Parkway
Frisco, Texas
4.96 23 reviews


Kelly C.


My son, Griffin, has been a proud part of the Warrior community for the last couple of months. During this time, I have seen him develop new skills and enhance his confidence, with a balance of discipline and respect. I could not be more pleased and appreciative of the instructors’ consistent encouragement, motivation, and patience with all of their students. The dedication they display for creating an environment of teamwork and personal achievement is top notch. Griff attends at least 3 times a week, and would go every day if he could! He recently participated in their first Grappling Games, which not only tested his knowledge and skills, but gave him a newfound respect of this sport, and the motivation to continue to develop! Owners Pamela and Ian have created a strong sense of community and an inclusive culture within this gym. We are always meeting new people and making new friends. Everyone truly enjoys being there and is supportive of one another. Griff always leaves sweaty and smiling, giving high fives and waving to everyone as he walks out the door … what joy maker!There’s even something for parents, if you’re looking to gain some MMA skills and get on the mat as well, and it’s included in the price. Pamela is also super creative in hosting all kinds of fun activities, including themed “Parents’ Night Outs” and one coming up I’m super excited about … Mother’s Day on the mat. Can’t wait to get out there with my Griff and have him show me what he’s got! I’m very excited to watch my son grow on this journey. I highly recommend everyone in the Frisco and surrounding areas to check out and become a part of the Warrior Family!

Hien T.


To have my son actually want to go to class all the time is very cool and surprising.  I also like that they focus on disipline at home not just at the gym.  Implementing a good curriculum is only a part of making this successful.  A large part of the sucuess the right instructors.  So far all the instructors are great.  Who I really got to like a lot is seeing how great Marcelo is with the kids.  He makes the class fun were I even enjoy watching the entire sessions.  My son has learned a lot and continuing to develop his skills.  Excited seeing him get better each week.

Greg N.


Our son has been a part of WMA for 2 years. After meeting with the instructors, we enrolled him as a way to help him with his behavior in school, which he struggles with. Mr. Gill has been a great help with that. When he learns of a bad day in school, he will call our son out on it in class. The treatment is stern, but never demeaning. He is reminded that being a part of WMA is an attitude not only in the gym, but at all times. Brandon has become a positive influence on our son. As we have moved up in the classes from Warrior 1 to 3, the expectation and discipline has increased. Whenever any student gets out of line, the behavior is corrected quickly and sternly. And, I always see Brandon before practice ends giving encouraging words to that same student. The workouts are always changing and adjusting so that you never feel like it’s the same thing every week. They are focused lessons that take full advantage of the class time. We are very pleased with WMA.

Peg R.


Great family feel and instructors.  My child loves it!

C. C.


Warrior Martial Arts is an excellent school that promotes a sense of family.  Both of my boys have been training here for years, and it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made for them and their development (physically, mentally and socially).  They have the most class options I’ve seen, and the students can train at both the Frisco and Little Elm locations as they wish (or schedule dictates).  Warrior is always innovating their Mixed Martial Arts program, ensuring the students are getting the most from their time / effort.  Additionally, the instructors are top notch, with all of them holding black belts in their respective disciplines (BJJ / Judo / Stand-up).  There is also little to no instructor turnover, which not only says a lot about the program, but also really helps with continuity.  It’s clear they truly care about each and every student.

Jim B.


These guys are good for kids. My 5 yr. old son has been here for avout 6 months. He likes it, and the instructors are good. Most of the kids seem to enjoy it. I wish you didn’t have to commit to a year at a time, but he’s enjoying the program.



My daughter has been attending Warrior for almost 2 years now, and I started the adult class about 6 months ago and we absolutely love it! The instructors here an incredible and extremely helpful, they are truly passionate about what they do. 🙂



All three of our children go to warrior martial arts in Frisco. They’ve been going there since they were young, and we love it. You couldn’t ask for better instructors. We’ve enjoyed the fact that they’ve added a competition team and we are able to do tournaments year round. As a matter fact we love it so much that I’ve joined the classes and started doing jujitsu as well.

Mrs. S.


We think they are fantastic! It’s a great activity for the entire family to enjoy.



Warrior Matial Arts is more than a gym, it’s a home filled with family and friends!!! The students at our academy have acquired the knowledge and ability to defend themselves with the confidence and discipline to know they don’t have to. Martial Arts is a lifestyle…. Don’t miss out!!